So, I think it is pretty important to determine the future structure of the wiki in terms of sections and subsections. Not all pages will be listed unde rthe sections, but the key ones should be. My idea is outlined below (I copied it from MS Word, so pardon the formatting). I would love to hear your comments and ideas! :3

·         Basic – pretty much what it is right now + maybe info on how to navigate on the wiki


Ø  Quests – Dailies, Quests, Event Quests (I wish I captured the Psy Event Quest but I passed it on both accounts way before I started with the quest list :( )

Ø  Challenges

Ø  Special – Lucky Roulette and Rare Parts Gacha

·         Town  - expansion list, resource trees and stone, extra town -  Mediterranean City (?)

Ø  Crops

Ø  Animals

Ø  Trees

Ø  Fishing

·         Factories

Ø  Food Factories

Ø  Item Factories

Ø  Crafts Factories

Ø  Paper Factories

·         Facilities

Ø  Windmill – some info and a link to a Wind Deco page

Ø  Houses

Ø  Production

·         Sailing

Ø  Docks – building ships, port expansion, upgrading

Ø  Ships – upgrading, basic ship stats,

Ø  Ship Parts  - regular ship parts and limited event sets

·         Trading

Ø  Trading Cities

Ø  Trade Goods

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