Trade Goods (Raw & Building Mat's)
Level City Raw Good Building Mat.
Lv 3 Edinburgh -- Reinforced Rope
Lv 6 London -- Sandpaper
Lv 11 Antwerp -- Paint
Lv 12 Kobenhavn Yeast Varnish
Lv 13 Christiania Magnet Iron Nail
Lv 14 Nantes -- Lightning Rod
Lv 15 Danzig Rock Salt Stained Glass
Lv 16 Stockholm Glass Sand Tar Paper
Lv 18 Helsingfors -- Plaster
Lv 20 Lisboa -- Cork
Lv 21 Valencia SA Cacao Tarpaulin
Lv 22 Genova Charcoal Polish
Lv 23 Naples -- Iron Pipe
Lv 24 Venice Measuring Tool Plywood
Lv 25 Athens -- Limestone Powder
Lv 26 Istanbul -- Roof Tile
Lv 27 Trabzon -- Resin
Lv 28 Alexandria -- Papyrus
Lv 29 Tripoli Cowhide Premium Stone
Lv 30 Algiers Honey Reinforced Gear

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