For a full list of factories see Factories.

Level Factory Cost Product 1st Input 2nd Input
Lv 12 Flax Yarn Factory 2710 gold Flax Yarn Flax
Lv 13 Rope Factory 5300 gold Rope Flax Yarn
Lv 13 Premium Rope Factory 30 rubies Premium Rope Flax Yarn
Lv 17 Cotton Yarn Factory 15110 gold Cotton Yarn Cotton
Lv 21 Black Rose Oil Co. 50 rubies Black Rose Oil Black Rose
Lv 21 Black Rose Perfume Co. 50 rubies Dark Perfume Black Rose Orange Oil
Lv 23 White Rose Perfume Co. 31800 gold Perfume White Rose Orange Oil
Lv 23 White Rose Oil Co. 34860 gold Rose Oil White Rose
Lv 23 Sardine Oil Factory 38030 gold Sardine Oil Sardines


Lv 26 Salmon Oil Factory 86600 gold Salmon Oil Salmon Charcoal
Lv 27 Wool Yarn Mill 92410 gold Wool Yarn Wool Salmon Oil
Lv 30 Rose Perfume Co. (?) (?) (?) (?)
Lv 30 Rose Oil Co. (?) (?) (?) (?)

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