For a full list of factories see Factories.

Food Producers
Level Building Cost Product 1st Input 2nd Input 3rd Input
Lv 4 Flour Mill 1080 gold Flour Wheat
Lv 6 Bacon Factory 110 rubies Bacon Pork
Lv 8 Sausage Factory 980 gold Sausage Pork Flour
Lv 9 Orange Oil Factory 1490 gold Orange Oil Oranges
Lv 12 Butter Factory 3500 gold Butter Milk
Lv 13 (?) Gorgonzola Factory 30 rubies Gorgonzola Milk Yeast
Lv 13 Bread Factory 6320 gold Wheat Bread Flour Yeast
Lv 13 Whiskey Distillery 7480 gold Whiskey Potatoes Yeast
Lv 13 Cheddar Factory 4330 gold Cheddar Milk Yeast
Lv 15 Mozzarella Factory 10180 gold Mozzarella Milk Rock Salt
Lv 18 White Wine Winery 40 rubies White Wine White Grapes Yeast
Lv 18 Red Wine Winery 17080 gold Red Wine Red Grapes Yeast
Lv 19 Goat Cheese Factory 21360 gold Goat Cheese Goat Milk Rock Salt
Lv 20 Rye Flour Mill 23690 gold Rye Flour Rye
Lv 21 Rye Bread Factory 26220 gold Rye Bread Rye Flour Yeast
Lv 22 Chocolate Factory 28960 gold Chocolate Butter SA Cacao
Lv 23 Pork Smokehouse 45060 gold Smoked Pork Pork Charcoal
Lv 23 Milk Choco Factory 41420 gold Milk Chocolate Milk Chocolate
Lv 24 Malt House 48820 gold Malt Barley Charcoal
Lv 24 Barley Bread Factory 61340 gold Barley Bread Barley Yeast Wheat Flour
Lv 25 Stout Brewery 60 rubies Stout Beer Barley Flour Yeast
Lv 25 Ale Brewery 70800 gold Ale Barley Flour Yeast
Lv 26 Lager Brewery 75880 gold Lager Hops Yeast Malt
Lv 26 Salmon Smokehouse 81090 gold Smoked Salmon Salmon Charcoal
Lv 28 Heart Choco Mill 70 rubies Heart Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate
Lv 28 Berry Choco Mill 98360 gold Berry Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate
Lv 28 Olive Oil Mill 104630 gold Olive Oil Olive
Lv 30 Tuna Jerky Factory (?) (?) (?) (?) (?)
Lv 30 Honey Bread Bakery (?) (?) (?) (?) (?)

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