Crops are one of the basic goods used as materials for other products, or as food for animals. The selling prices are relatively low due to the low purchase price and short harvest cycle, but that rapidly changes with higher level crops (see List of Crops for more info). Crops generally give little experience points (except for cash crops), so you should not expect to level from planting crops alone. Aside from serving as materials, crops are also needed for the completion of daily quest that gives gold and considerable experience points.

Crops Review

At the beginning of the game you can only access Field and Wheat from Farm tab at the Store. As you gain levels, new crops will be unlocked and the amount of fields you can have will increase. Higher level crops will give more experience points and gold if sold, and they are needed as basic materials for factories. 

Due to fast harvest cycle, beginner level crops quickly decay. Usually that happens when they are left for more than 1 1/2 hours (longer with higher level crops). Once decayed, the crops can either be disposed of (a broom icon will appear), or revived with the help of friends. Each friend can revive only one crop on your farm once a day.

Here is quick explanation about crops:

Crops Explantation

List of CropsEdit

Wheat Thumbnail


Lvl: any

Cost: Gold1

Exp: EXP0

Gold: Gold2

Time: Time00:00:30

Potato Thumbnail


Lvl: 6

Cost: Gold2

Exp: EXP1

Gold: Gold3

Time: Time00:02:00

Flax Thumbnail


Lvl: 10

Cost: Gold6

Exp: EXP2

Gold: Gold10

Time: Time00:08:00

Clover Thumbnail


Lvl: 12

Cost: Gold24

Exp: EXP7

Gold: Gold41

Time: Time00:30:00

Cotton Thumbnail


Lvl: 16

Cost: Gold78

Exp: EXP24

Gold: Gold132

Time: Time01:30:00

Rye Thumbnail


Lvl: 19

Cost: Gold167

Exp: EXP54

Gold: Gold280

Time: Time03:00:00

Thumb farm barley01


Lvl: 23

Cost: Gold356

Exp: EXP119

Gold: Gold594

Time: Time6:00:00

Strawberry Thumbnail


Lvl: 27

Cost: Gold756

Exp: EXP259

Gold: Gold1253

Time: Time12:00:00

Pumpkin Thumbnail


Lvl: any

Cost: Cash3

Exp: EXP180

Gold: Gold180

Time: Time02:00:00

Sugar cane

Sugar Cane

Lvl: 32

Cost: Gold?

Exp: EXP?

Gold: Gold?

Time: Time?



Lvl: 40

Cost: Gold?

Exp: EXP?

Gold: Gold?

Time: Time?

The following gallery shows how the crops appear in the shop.


Fields are 2x2 in size and are needed to plant crops. After the completion of the tutorial, players start off with three fields.Each field yields one unit of a crop selected. A player can choose to plant either the same crops on all the fields or any combination of different ones, according to needs and desires. Once you select the crop, simply click on the balloon above each field to plant a crop there (Note: the field on which you select the crop is planted automatically). As mentioned earlier, the number of fields you can buy increases with your level, meaning higher profit potential in the future. A table showing how many fields can be accessed at which level is found below. Additoonally, purchasing a Mediterranean Sea town doubles the amount of fields you can have.

Player Level Number of Fields
1 1
3 2
5 3
7 4
9 5
11 6
13 7
15 8
17 9
19 10
21 11
23 12
25 13
27 14
29 15
31 16
? 17

New ReleasesEdit

New plants to be released: tea plant