Trading between Edinburg/London with 3 boats/420armor Edit

stock 50 rubies with quest, have 3rd boat. do this below to buy ketch.

(at begining, about 3 hours of play to buy a ketch)

equip 1 ketch (40k gold) each boat to get 420 armor. a sail between london edinbourg cost 10 armor 2:20 minutes

you can do 420/10=42 trips trading average profit 360x3slot x3boats:

42x 360x3 x3=136k in 140minutes= [42*(2:20+trading time about 1minute+wc pause/eat...)]

minus=repair -4150x3 during 35 minutes at least: 123k/2:20hours+35minute of pause...

Resselling flour in Edinburg with 3 boats Edit

you go for a big stock of flour : with 3 boat just resselling 3x3x5 45 flour to edinburg every 00:05:00?

production of wheat need 5 minutes*number.of.facilities, trips go+back+repair=

1:45+1:45+0:40+1:00(trading/mother calling to do something)=0:05:00 profit 42*3*360*3=136k

so resselling 42 times, it takes 42*5:00 about 3:30hours = you worked more and no 35 minutes of pause!


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